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Skilled Nursing at The Johnson Center

If the time ever comes when you need 24-hour skilled nursing care, whether short term or long term, Falcons Landing is there for you!

The Johnson Center provides comprehensive nursing care, rehabilitation and medical-care coordination customized to meet your special needs. We offer short-term rehabilitation following hospitalization or surgery, respite stays and long-term care. Licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants are on the units to provide care and assistance 24 hours per day.

While residency in Independent Living at Falcons Landing is exclusively for retired military officers, and those honorably discharged with any length of service, senior level Federal employees, spouses, and widowed spouses, The Johnson Center welcomes all members from the local community.

Unit Features

skilled nursing falcons landing
The Johnson Center Studio
skilled nursing falcons landing virginia
The Johnson Center Bathroom

Explore our Johnson Center Apartment Floor Plan

*Slight variations in floor plan may exist.

Private en-suite bathroom with European shower
Flat-Screen TV
Cove Lighting
Bay Window

The Johnson Center Suite

1 Bed & 1 Bath  |  Approx. 235-400 sq. ft.

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