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Why You Should Pay Attention to Early Signs of Memory Loss

Everyone loses their keys or misses an appointment from time to time. But when is a memory lapse something more? When is forgetting what you were going to say or confusing dates and times something to pay attention to? While most Americans say they would want to know if they have Alzheimer’s disease (90 percent), more than half of people aged 45 and older do not talk to their physician about their concerns and fears, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This is troubling, given the importance of early diagnosis for Alzheimer’s.

Workplace Excellence Award

It is a privilege to receive the LeadingAge Virginia Workplace Excellence award of 2021. We dedicate this to our team and thank our residents for inspiring us.

Resident Spotlight: Meet Gloria Brown

Our residents are the best part of our community, and we have some true gems. Meet Gloria, who at 95 years stays active by teaching art and other pursuits here

What Residents Want You to Know

What is it like moving into a retirement community? Really want to know? Why not ask the people who live here and find out for yourself.

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