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Your Healthiest Self: 4 Components of Wellness

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March 1, 2023

What do we mean by “healthy”? Each one of us is as varied as the snowflakes in February—different bodies, different minds, different living situations—so achieving our “healthiest self” will look different for all of us. In the senior living industry, we often talk about the “dimensions of wellness” as a way of framing  good health.

At Falcons Landing, for instance, we have developed a gorgeous retirement community where older adults who served in the military or federal government can relax and savor life to the fullest. But making this community a success requires a lot of planning and intentional programming to support our residents in every dimension of wellness—body, mind and spirit.

To give you a peak behind the curtain, here are four important components of wellness the Falcons Landing team focuses on to make sure every resident becomes his or her “healthiest self” at every stage of retirement:

Physical Wellness: Eat Healthy, Exercise Regularly
Physical health is an essential part of our journey to achieving our healthiest self. As we look to find balance and reach our goals, it’s important to make time for good nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest and recovery. Eating nutritious meals is a great place to start, making sure you get the right balance of macro- and micronutrients, as well as limiting unhealthy fats, sugars and carbs. Exercise should also become an integral part of your regimen. Lastly, giving your body enough rest and recovery time helps ensure that you’re in top form day after day.

At Falcons Landing, we have a number of amenities to support your physical wellness. On the exercise front, our fitness center is state of the art, complete with a Junior Olympic swimming pool, whirlpool spa, tennis courts, exercise equipment, and classes for aerobics and strength training. On the dining front, get ready for “wow” with every bite in our multiple dining venues. From quick and casual to elegant and formal, dining reigns supreme.

Mental Wellness: Make Each Day an Adventure
Mental wellbeing is an equally important component of healthy aging, and there are many ways to improve mental health, reduce stress and make the most of each day. Falcons Landing residents take time for relaxation and self-care in yoga classes, or walking around our beautiful campus, or attending one of our many campus activities, from concerts to lifelong learning classes. Having a full calendar of activities for personal development makes every day an adventure.

Emotional Wellness: Be Social
One recommendation we have for older adults is to guard against isolation and loneliness—emotional conditions that can take a physical toll. In many cases, after the children grow up and leave home, parents find themselves socially disconnected—hence why Continuing Care Retirement Communities are so important to today’s older population.

As part of striving for your healthiest self, focus on creating supportive relationships and take time out of each day to honestly reflect on how you're feeling. Doing these two things can help you feel more empowered, confident, and closer to achieving your optimal mental state. At Falcons Landing, our team is always here for you, and your neighbors will become fast friends. Emotional wellness is community wellness!

Spiritual Wellness: Find Your Purpose
Spiritual wellness is about connecting to a higher purpose, which may include taking time to be still, reflect and connect with something larger than yourself. Whether you are a member of an organized religion, or if you crave solitary meditation, Independent Living at Falcons Landing gives you the freedom and flexibility to nurture your soul. Our campus chapel is a quiet place to pray and meditate. Weekly pastoral services help you connect and find spiritual fulfillment during this precious time in life. Spiritual wellness is an important part of self-care, helping us gain perspective and deeper understanding, so be sure to tend to your spiritual garden to create the healthiest you.

Live Your Healthiest Self at Falcons Landing Because every individual is different, we strive to offer something for everyone. Whether you want wall-to-wall activities or a life of leisure, it's totally up to you at Falcons Landing. The choice is yours! Our team of professionals is here for you around the clock to make sure you are able to live out the retirement of your dreams—surrounded by a community of like-minded residents who lived a life of service in the military or federal government.

To learn more about our community and how we support every dimension of wellness, we invite you to come for a tour. Falcons Landing is a special place, and we cannot wait to share our amenities and our community with you. Contact us today!

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