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Winter Activities for Seniors

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January 30, 2024

Staying active through the colder months is often challenging for older retirees, but keeping fit mentally, socially and physically is a great way to fight the winter blues. Those older than 60 are at higher risk for depression due to a range of issues, but having fun activities to enjoy and cheerful neighbors to socialize with can go a long way toward helping seniors stay engaged. At Falcons Landing, our Independent Living community combines elements of all types of wellness, all tailored to meet the needs of the season. Let's take a look at some of the most anticipated winter activities planned for and by residents. 

Exercise With Friends

Staying fit and active is a priority for many seniors, particularly Independent Living residents in Falcons Landing since many have a history of military or government service. Participating in charity events and mentoring the next generation is one part of staying engaged, and made possible by staying in good physical condition and preserving mobility. The more you do, the more you can do, which is why it's so important for seniors to continue working their muscles. Falcons Landing offers lots of exercise options at any time of the year. 

Try a Group Fitness Class

From chair yoga or aerobics to aquatic programs, you can find a fitness class for every level, all aimed at preserving mobility for as long as possible. Balance work, strengthening programs and walking clubs are all on the calendar for residents interested in getting and staying fit throughout retirement. 

Take a Walk

At Falcons Landing, our scenic walking trails are well-maintained for use in any weather, but if you hate the cold, we have indoor walking options, too! The main community for Independent Living residents has a hallway that's exactly 1/4 mile long. Wrack up the step count, and hit your mileage goals without bundling up or fighting off a chill. 

Setting up Something Social

Did you know that having fun with friends translates into better long-term health? It's true! Seniors with an active lifestyle that includes social engagements and hobbies are less likely to develop dementia, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer, according to a recent NIH study. To get some of those benefits for yourself, consider some of the ways to up your social time at Falcons Landing

Join Our Book Club

Weekly meetings with other avid readers give you company as you dive deep into a new bestseller or classic piece of literature. Our book club is entirely resident-run. That means you choose your titles as a group, and you might even create smaller book groups around specific genres. 

Enjoy Friends and Family Occasions

At Falcons Landing, residents are welcome to have visitors to enjoy a meal together or celebrate a loved one's accomplishments. The community has regular happy hour activities that include serving up local wines or tasting a variety of malt beverages as everyone gets to know each other. We invite featured speakers to help residents stay current on topics ranging from the latest tech to philosophy, all from the comfort and safety of community spaces at Falcons Landing. 

Laugh, Sing and Be Merry

Entertainers are frequent visitors to the community, with everything from comedy sets to live music available. As a resident of Falcons Landing, you have access to a wide variety of entertainment options, helping you stay active and engaged mentally and emotionally. 

Get in Touch With Your Inner Artist

Tackling an artistic endeavor is a great way for anyone to relax and enjoy the results. Whether you're putting together a self-portrait or creating greeting cards, you can find endless modes of self-expression while also improving fine motor skills and reducing hypertension. 

Check Out Our Chatting Fingers Craft Group

Designed for the inexperienced crafter and those with decades of practice, the Chatting Fingers Craft Group allows you to try your hand at making something beautiful and functional. From painting and sculpture to knitting and fabric arts, there's something for every interest, and if it's not already on the schedule, you can add it!

Dabble With Paints

Practice portraiture or work with lines for a landscape drawing. With on-campus classes in all things painting, you can work on everything from mastering still lifes to painting a self-portrait. Acrylic, oil paints, pastels and watercolor are just some of the media options available to Falcons Landing's most creative residents. 

Schedule a visit today to explore our Independent Living options and activities. Give us a call at 703-404-5151, or make an appointment online to find out more about the fun and freedom that come with extra time during your retirement.

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