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What Residents Want You to Know

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September 7, 2021

While you can learn a lot about a continuing care retirement community’s amenities and offering by reading its website or brochure, you don’t really know what it’s like to live there until you meet its people. That’s why we often let visitors meet with our residents. They ask questions such as:

  • What’s it like to live at Falcons Landing?
  • Are you comfortable?
  • Did you make the right decision?
  • How is the food? The staff?
  • Are you getting all you expected?

For residents David and Lois Belden, the answer is, “It’s been A+ all the way around.”

Here are a few of the reasons they and some of their neighbors say if they had to do it all over again they’d definitely choose Falcons Landing.

A common bond

“Well first and foremost, it’s the congeniality of folks that leave rank at the front gate. Everyone here is on a first-name basis,” said resident Peter Scott. “It’s what I call the common bond. I knew I would be joining folks of similar background and interests, and that made it easier to make new friends quickly.”

Falcons Landing began as the dream of retired officers who met regularly for breakfast at Andrews Air Force Base. Together, they began to plan a military retirement community in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, the shared experience of serving in the military brings our residents together in a place where everyone is considered the same rank and level.

“There has not been one question in our mind about whether we made right decision moving to Falcons Landing. It was obvious, from the immediate acceptance and warmth of others here,” said the Beldens. “The common bond meant a great deal to us.”

Mark and Bobbie Jones also have found a military community to be the perfect fit for them. “Because we’re all military and public servants, it’s a different group. We have a lot in common. Everyone here is a patriot and has given service to their country.”

The nonprofit difference

“Advice? I would tell them to choose a community that is really nonprofit – and to beware of communities that claim to be nonprofit but outsource facility ownership and maintenance,” said Peter. “Falcons Landing, by being truly nonprofit, is able to plow what would be profit into new facilities and programs. Further, Falcons Landing is overseen by a board of senior leaders who are volunteers themselves and who will be eligible to live here. Therefore, they want Falcons Landing to be all that it can be. Because Falcons Landing is a nonprofit community, every dollar goes toward resident care and amenities, not to bolster a corporate bottom line." says Scott. Our residents say that means a lot to them."

Peter Scott

Move sooner than later

A common theme in our talks with residents is: Don’t delay your move.

“I’ll be 95 in a month. I came when I was 79,” said Gloria Brown. “I think it’s nice to come earlier so you can enjoy what’s here. We put on plays and shows. We have our own chapel. Everything is just here. I would not wait too long.”

Peter shared this sentiment: “I would tell someone thinking about Falcons Landing to move in earlier rather than later. Probably the biggest and only regret that residents here have is that they didn’t come here sooner. When you move to Falcons Landing, you’ll be giving yourself a great gift, but also a great gift to your loved ones. They won’t have to worry about you. They know if necessary, you will be well cared for in our award-winning retirement community. Our nursing care facilities were recently recognized in top 5 percent of such facilities in the nation.”

Staff excellence

Just as our residents are exceptional people, so are our staff. They make living at Falcons Landing like coming home.

The Beldens said, “The staff is really here for us.” They complimented Falcons Landing on selecting staff who really fit into the friendly personality of the community. They like that fact that all staff are employees and not contractors. In fact, our Dining Services Director began work here 25 years ago as a sous chef.

The Beldens said Falcons Landing staff made such a difference during the difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did they provide service throughout, but the staff also made the vaccination process seamless.

“They’ve been remarkable,” shared the Beldens.

The Joneses added, “Especially during this past year with the pandemic, it cemented our thoughts. Everything’s been taken care of. Food delivered. We got the shots, and we are about three weeks out from our second vaccination. So, Falcons Landing is light years ahead of everybody else we know. I can’t imagine being in our home trying to figure this out right now.”

Cruising through retirement

Being part of the Falcons Landing community is sometimes equated to living on a cruise ship. But the Beldens say they don’t think that’s true. “My wife and I have done much cruising. Being at Falcons Landing isn’t like a cruise ship. A cruise ship is like being a Falcons Landing.”

The Joneses agree, “It’s like were on a cruise ship that never gets to port!”

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