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The Common Bond. Life at Falcons Landing.

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January 28, 2020

When Falcons Landing resident Jerry Schumacher sees prospective residents on a tour of the community, he has one message for them: “You’re looking at the wrong thing. You’re looking at the size of the apartment or where your couch is going to go, but you should look at the people here. They’re far more important.”

According to Schumacher, while Falcons Landing has lovely facilities and top-notch amenities it is the friendly residents and staff who make life here so special.

“My wife and I have been to many other retirement communities, but we’ve never seen one as welcoming as Falcons Landing,” he said. “We’re here because of the people. Everyone has a story, and everyone has a common background, in that we’ve all served in some capacity, most often in the military. That’s our common bond.”

Everyone Has a Story

Schumacher’s story is fascinating in its own right. A graduate of West Point and later the Air War College, his career in the Army took him around the world, including a stint in Germany, where he was among the team that exchanged the Russian spy for Francis Gary Powers, as well as an assignment in Moscow, where he was arrested multiple times by the KGB.

His military orders truly carried him through a life of adventure. For example, he was once approached in a bar by someone who said, “I heard you speak Russian,” and off he went on another mission.

One of his most memorable adventures was in 1981 when “a fellow named Moose” called him out of retirement to take command of the White House Communications Agency.

“I told him, ‘I don’t want to do that. That’s a dead end job,’ but Moose told me, ‘You don’t understand. The president has just been shot, and we have a problem.’ So, I withdrew my retirement and took command of the White House Communications Agency.”

About his own astonishing story, however, Schumacher commented, “Anybody you talk to at Falcons Landing has a story, and some are absolutely amazing. There are so many dedicated people who have served this country well.”

Schumacher first visited Falcons Landing for an event in 2001, and a resident at the time pulled him aside and said, “Sonny, get in here as soon as you can. You’ll regret it otherwise.” It took a few more years, but in 2008 at the urging of an old Army friend (his ex-boss from his Moscow days), he and his wife moved from San Francisco, California and haven’t looked back.

A Warm Welcome

If you visit Falcons Landing, the first thing you’ll probably notice is how friendly and outgoing everyone is.

Leah Daily, Sales & Marketing Director says “When I tour prospective residents, it’s almost like there’s a button in the carpet that I push, because our residents all come over to welcome guests and talk with them. It’s such warm and unpretentious atmosphere, and we constantly hear from our visitors that Falcons Landing is by far the friendliest place they’ve been.”

Come and see for yourself what makes Falcons Landing so special.  Contact us to arrange your own tour and meet our wonderful Falcons Family.

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