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Thanksgiving Activities for Senior Living Residents

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November 17, 2023

As the golden hues of autumn start to set the trees aglow, and Thanksgiving approaches, an unmistakable warmth fills the air here at Falcons Landing. This season, our vibrant community is alive with festivities and fun. We're already planning an exciting and diverse program of activities for our residents and their loved ones to enjoy. We have something for everybody and plenty of opportunities to try something new

Celebrate the Spirit of the Season With Thank You Cards

There's nothing quite like the joy of receiving mail from a loved one. Sadly, in this digital age, the art of handwritten notes and cards is becoming a rarity. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show gratitude, and what better way to show it than with a handwritten thank-you card? Why not take a quiet moment to pen a heartfelt message on beautifully crafted thank you cards? Reflect on the events of the past year, remember those special moments and people, and express your love and appreciation to those who've touched your life. 

Organize a Thanksgiving-Themed Arts & Crafts Club

Awaken the artist within by taking part in a Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts club! Creating art is a wonderful way to express emotions and reflect on treasured memories. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, consider organizing an arts and crafts club with friends or family. Create vibrant turkeys, design autumn wreaths, and paint picturesque landscapes. 

A Festive Twist on a Classic: Thanksgiving Bingo

Who said bingo couldn't get any better? You just haven't discovered Thanksgiving-themed bingo yet! Bingo is always a firm favorite among our residents. Consider how you can give it a unique twist with holiday-themed call-outs and fabulously festive bingo cards. And, of course, let's not forget the exciting prizes that await the winners. Thanksgiving bingo is a wonderful way to celebrate the magic of the season while having fun with fellow residents. 

Culinary Adventures: Cook-Off Potluck

Food has a magical way of bringing people together. This Thanksgiving, consider hosting a wonderful cook-off potluck. Invite family members and friends to bring along their best Thanksgiving dishes, whether they're newly discovered recipes or family favorites passed down through generations. Everyone will have a chance to sample these wonderful creations and vote for their favorites. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving With Us

What would Thanksgiving be without the love and company of family and friends? We're looking forward to welcoming our residents' loved ones and providing a program of activities that celebrate everything the holiday season has to offer. Whether you settle in around the table for a warm holiday meal or enjoy a seasonal dessert and cup of coffee, we encourage every opportunity for togetherness.

Schedule a Tour of Falcons Landing Today

Falcons Landing is nestled amongst some of the most scenic landscapes, making it a prime location for festive celebrations, including Thanksgiving. With our diverse range of planned activities and the genuine warmth of our community, residents can enjoy a memorable holiday experience in the most welcoming of settings.

To learn more about life at Falcons Landing, speak to our team today at 703-404-5100. We offer a range of senior living options, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Respite Care, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. We'd be delighted to schedule a personalized tour of our senior living options, amenities and inviting community. 

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