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Spotlight on Volunteers: Jerry and Jeanette Kintigh

Posted on 
October 27, 2021

Written by Fran Rowan

Jebediah Kintigh is very particular about where he sits. And I must say, he has very good taste. He will sit on your lap only if you have spread a beautiful quilt on it. Ah, the life of a cat in the Kintigh household!

In addition to making Jebediah more comfortable, Jeanette Kintigh has brightened the lives of many veterans with her quilts. She has produced more than 66 quilts for the Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness in Belmont, VA.

Jeanette is quick to say that she has help in doing this. Charlotte McClintock works with her, tying the quilts, but credits Jeanette with the creative work — the designing. The final touch is added by Wanda Carter, who makes the labels to be sewn onto the quilts. Falcons Landing residents have also benefited from Jeanette’s creative skills — each year she makes a quilt that is raffled, with the proceeds going to the Falcons Landing Benevolence Fund. Her quilts have also been displayed in the FL art galleries.

Just as Jeanette’s quilts have beautified our lives, Jerry Kintigh’s gardening efforts have also given us pleasure. Jerry, a master gardener, has planned and developed many garden areas around Falcons Landing. My favorite place to go sit and read a book is the secluded little courtyard garden behind the Dining Room. Jerry has planted a mixture of annuals and perennials so that there is always something blooming there. In one area, he has planted herbs, which adds appeal to this small space. We also have Jerry to thank for the many daffodils that have appeared this spring—500 of them! Every fall for the past 10 years, he has planted from 500 to 1,000 daffodils. He particularly enjoys growing a variety of vegetables each year in one of our garden plots. Recently, he replaced the aging timbers in the individual plots.

The Kintighs have lived at Falcons Landing for 14 years and have spent much of that time traveling the world — 80 countries so far, and they have been to most of the states in the U.S. It was actually their love of travel that brought them to Falcons Landing; here, they can just walk out the door and leave everything behind as they indulge in their travels.

Jeanette is a mainstay in the choir of the Protestant chapel and occasionally will perform a solo; she also sings in the FL chorus. While Jeanette is singing in the choir, Jerry helps to operate the cameras so that res- idents in The Johnson Center, West Falls and in their homes can view the service.

Despite their busy schedules, they also find the time to be “Backpack Buddies,” helping to pack weekend meals for Loudoun County schoolchildren. Jerry is also a FL Roller, one of the drivers who take residents to medical appointments.

It is such a pleasure to live in a place where there are volunteers like Jerry and Jeanette Kintigh.

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