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New Residents Ken & Adeko Evans

Posted on 
October 25, 2021

Written by Gretchen Greene

Ken and Adeko Evans arrived on July 2 and are still busy making the transition from their 29-year residence in Fairfax Station to join us here at Falcons Landing. They are looking forward to maintaining their exercise programs in our gym in preparation for their annual treks to many different overseas locations. Their plan is to revisit Burma and Bhutan to enjoy the many hiking areas available. Ken uses the treadmill at least five times a week while Adeko does water aerobics to keep in shape. No mean feat, as Ken is still enjoying his civilian job of many years with the Institute for Defense Analysis.

Ken graduated from the University of Toledo in 1959 and then reported to Ft. Benning with the infantry; then he did a stint in Korea followed by a tour in Japan. Returning, he had a tour with the Third Infantry’s ceremonial unit. Adeko was born in Japan and is from the city of Nagoya, about 120 miles from historical Kyoto. They have a daughter, Anne Evans Hughes, who is currently living and working in Falls Church. Anne was born in Hamburg, Germany, while Ken and Adeko were stationed there. They have been married for 61 years and met each other in Japan. Adeko attended a “finishing” school before starting her career and was interested in design.  

Ken attended the Armor School at Ft. Knox for six months, and then the couple went to Germany with the Royal Scott Greys for two years. Overall, they spent a total of seven or eight years in Germany. Adeko says their assignments in Germany were her favorite duty stations. This included time with the First Armored Division in Ansbach, Nurenburg and Erlange.   Vietnam followed, with Adeko and Anne staying in this area. Upon Ken’s return, Ft. Meade beckoned for another three months with the 6th Cavalry. He then went to Washington and spent two and a half years with the Concept Analysis Agency. He also earned his master’s degree in physics at Georgetown University. Then there were nine months at Ft. Leavenworth’s Command and General Staff College in 19731974.

Later Ken graduated from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and was assigned to the Department of the Army Staff for the next two years. He also acquired his doctorate over a period of years, again at Georgetown University, and then had an interesting three-year classified assignment. Ken retired in 1987 after 28 years of service and worked for System Planning Corporation for more than 5 years before joining the Institute for Defense Analysis.  

Welcome, Ken and Adeko, to Falcons Landing!

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