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Meet our New Hometown Resident, Betty Carver!

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January 29, 2020

New resident Betty Carver did not come to Falcons Landing from a great distance as many of us did. She is a Virginian through and through and has lived here in this area of Virginia all her life.

Her father, an architect and a colonel in the Army Air Corps Reserve, worked for the federal government. The family lived in Arlington, where Betty had the best of two worlds: the civilian and the military. Some of her fondest childhood memories, she says, are of the time when she was a Girl Scout and was taking swimming lessons at the Fort Meyers Officers Club pool.

Betty met and dated her future husband, Harry Carver III, when they were students at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington. After high school, they both headed off to the College of William and Mary where the courtship grew more serious, and they married soon after graduation. Although Harry had made plans to go on to law school, the Army had other ideas; he was on active duty for two years, after which he reverted to his former career blueprint, working by day and attending law school classes at night. He finally earned his degree and eventually became the comptroller of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

By this time, the Carvers had three sons, Harry IV, John and Leslie, and were living in an Annandale house Betty would call home for 49 years. Sadly, though, Harry passed away in 1986.

"I have a lot of family," Betty says, "and I feel very fortunate." In addition to her sons, she has seven grandchildren, as well as siblings, in-laws and other relatives. They are a close-knit group, so close that for the past 50 years the extended family has gathered together regularly at St. Simon's Island, one of the Golden Islands along the coast of Georgia. In fact, she left for a brief holiday there soon after moving into Falcons Landing.

Betty has many interests. She loves the outdoors and gardening and had a large, beautifully landscaped back yard at her former home, filled with trees, bushes and flowers, all of which she nurtured and tended herself. She has also enjoyed art and painting and working with stained glass, along with her many years of volunteer work in organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Annandale Women's Club and the National Symphony Orchestra Women's Committee.

Why did she choose to come to Falcons Landing? One reason is that she has friends here of long standing: Cynthia Howes, Mary Madeline King, Alice Criswell and Charlotte McClintock. She knows Cynthia, Mary Madeline and Alice from her student days at William and Mary, and she and Charlotte met while doing volunteer work with the National Symphony.

So welcome to Falcons Landing, Betty. We look forward to having you here as a new neighbor and friend!

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