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Meet One of Our Newest Residents, Anne Lackman

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January 29, 2020

When new resident Anne Lackman moved to Falcons Landing from Middleburg, VA., the lovely, historic town lost not only its two-term ex-mayor, but also its premier sign painter.

Sign painter? Yes. Anne lived in Middleburg for 40 years, during which time, she says, she "accidentally backed into" the profession of sign painting. It happened this way: Anne looked up one day at the wooden sign that swung from the historic Red Fox Inn and thought, "That sign is in terrible shape!" She immediately called the owners and pointed this out to them. They listened and took her critique seriously. After all, Anne was an artist and a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art in NYC, so she of all people would know a bad sign when she saw one. Then, to her dismay, they asked her if she would be willing to re-paint the sign. She complied with some trepidation. Obviously she did a good job, as her phone soon began ringing with requests for an up-do of everyone's signs – including one for the farm belonging to former Redskins owner, Jack Kent Cook. Anne obliged, and her signs have now become a part of Middleburg's charm and setting.

Anne was an "Army brat," and was born at Ft. Benning, Ga. Her father was a Signal Corps officer who had served under Eisenhower in World War II, and she grew up on U.S. military bases as well as in Frankfurt, Germany, and Paris during the post war years. She was working at Georgetown Hospital when she met her future husband, Bill, a young, highly decorated 1st Lt. who had served in Korea and was then stationed at Ft. Myer.

After their marriage in 1952, they were sent to West Point, where Bill served as an instructor in Russian history. After that, they were sent to the newly opened U.S. Air Force Academy, and again Bill was assigned to the teaching staff.

Bill's career continued with combat duty in Vietnam, followed by a tour at the Pentagon, where he worked in intelligence and then later, in 1976, following his military retirement, he worked for the CIA until his civilian retirement in 1994. During these years, the family lived in Middleburg, which all think of as home. Bill died in 1995.

Anne and Bill raised a large family of seven children: four girls and three boys. In addition, there are now 13 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Anne has always enjoyed the life of homemaker and mother, as well as her evolving role of grandmother and great-grandmother to a growing brood. She also loves swimming and tennis, as well as gardening, along with sewing, needlepoint and the game of poker!  

A few years ago, Anne visited Falcons Landing and liked it. She was particularly drawn by the fact that it was a military community, and that the people here all enjoy a very special relationship with each other. So she signed up. Recently she realized that it was time to leave the tasks of house and garden behind and move here to enjoy the good life. Consequently, her daughters banded together and helped her move out. Then they reassembled in Building 3000 and helped her move in.

With her belongings now arranged in apple-pie order and pictures hung, Anne is looking forward to making new friends and enjoying the activities here at Falcons Landing. But watch out, gentlemen. Anne is supposed to be very good at poker!

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