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Is Winter a Good Time to Move to Senior Living?

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December 6, 2023

Winter is a busy time of year, bringing families together to partake in holiday festivities, but the season also ushers in cold and icy conditions, making it difficult to leave the comfort of a warm, cozy home to socialize with others. Seniors are often impacted the most by loneliness and isolation, especially during unpleasant weather, but moving to a senior living community can make it easier to socialize and stay active, even when temperatures dip below freezing. 

There isn't a bad time to move to senior living, but transitioning during winter has many benefits. Take a look at why winter is a good time to move to senior living and how this life change can improve your health, safety and social wellness. 

No More Shoveling

Nothing is more magical than the first snowfall of the year, especially if it comes in time for the holidays. However, snow also requires a lot of work. It covers sidewalks, roads and car windshields, making everything wet, slippery and more difficult to navigate. If you want to enjoy scenic views of snowy landscapes while sipping on hot chocolate and not having to worry about shoveling, an Independent Living community can help. 

Falcons Landing encourages a maintenance-free lifestyle by providing snow removal services, allowing residents more free time to participate in community activities or stay snug in bed in their warm homes. This means they can fully embrace the cozy, fun parts of winter while leaving the stressful parts behind. 

Fewer Health and Safety Concerns

Senior living communities are like small towns, providing access to housing, meals and planned activities all in one centralized location. With everything you need at your fingertips, you don't have to worry about driving on icy roads or during inclement weather for necessities. Plus, if you need to leave campus during winter, Falcons Landing offers transportation services for off-site appointments, weekly grocery store runs, and more. 

Icy conditions can also make navigating outdoor spaces difficult when you're trying to walk from your home to your car or a nearby store, increasing the risk of injury from falls or accidents. Research shows older adults are more likely than younger people to fall during winter and suffer more serious injuries, including bone fractures or heavy bleeding. Our outdoor maintenance services make it safer for seniors to navigate outside without worrying about falling and getting hurt. 

Plus, we offer a full range of health and wellness services to help residents maintain active lifestyles and healthy habits during colder weather, which can also reduce the risk of serious injuries or illnesses.  

Cure the Winter Blues

Winter can be an isolating time for seniors. Nearly 1 in 5 adults aged 65 and older are already socially isolated due to reduced mobility issues, disabilities or lack of transportation, but cold weather and icy terrain can make it even more challenging to leave the house and visit friends or family. At a senior living community, you don't have to wander far to make new friends. You're already in an environment with peers close to your own age who may share similar interests and hobbies. 

Falcons Landing provides ample social opportunities to help residents find companionship and get involved in community events. Our daily activity calendar features art classes, lifelong learning courses, happy hours and social excursions, including day trips to Washington D.C., or local vineyards. You can also join a book club or knitting group to form a new friend circle and have a regularly scheduled activity to look forward to. 

Since our residents live near each other in apartment-style buildings or cottages on tree-lined streets, they're always a short walk away from their peers. This proximity makes it easier to build a sense of community and plan neighborhood gatherings after scheduled activities end for the day. 

Easy Access to Amenities

The long, cold winter months can dampen your motivation to leave the house and enjoy amenities in town to stay active and engaged, especially if driving is necessary. Plus, harsh weather conditions can result in closures, cancellations or shortened operation hours, making it more difficult to find things to do. Senior living communities typically offer on-site amenities, allowing residents to enjoy societal conveniences without having to travel or plan ahead for transportation or weather.

Falcons Landing is a vibrant community with resort-style amenities that are easily accessible, no matter what season it is. Our 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness center makes it possible to maintain exercise routines during the winter while our restaurants, game room and arts-and-crafts center promote socialization, regardless of weather. Since these amenities are all part of the same campus, you always feel at home, even when venturing outside your designated living space. 

Schedule a Visit

Falcons Landing in Potomac Falls, Virginia, strives to help residents maintain an active, engaging lifestyle year-round, with luxury amenities and stimulating activities. As a Life Plan Community, we ensure there's never a dull moment, even when the temperatures drop and snow covers the ground. Reserve your floor plan by December 31, 2023, to save big on your entrance fee and moving expenses. Don’t wait! Contact us at 703-404-5100 to schedule your personal tour or appointment today!

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