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Introducing David and Jane Stottlemyer

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January 29, 2020

The Stottlemyers joined us in Falcons Landing in October from their home in Springfield. David’s career history is unique in comparison with those of other residents. He was a civil service employee in various federal government and United Nations executive assignments for 26 years.

David was born and grew up in Waynesboro, PA. In 1953 he enlisted in the Army two months before the Korean War ended. He was assigned for three years as an intelligence analyst in the Army Security Agency in Germany, then left the Army and attended Miami University in Ohio, followed by postgraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. There, he received a master’s degree and completed the coursework for a doctorate in international relations, but was unable to prepare and submit a doctoral thesis because he ran out of money.

David then joined the civil service and got a job as a civilian personnel officer at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. Though he was bored with the job, it turned out to be very fortunate for his career and his life — it was there that he met and married Jane.

In 1964, based on a recommendation by David’s former doctoral professor, the couple moved to D.C., where he joined the powerful Office of Management and Budget as a program and budget analyst. After ve years there, he was selected to join the United Nations staff in New York as a management analyst. Two years later he was transferred to the U.S. mission staff at the U.N., headed among others by Ambassador George H.W. Bush, with whom he became well acquainted. He served there for six years as a counselor for resource management and senior advisor to the U.S. permanent representative and received the
State Department’s Superior Honor Award. Then it was back to Washington and the Department of State in positions of increasing responsibility. After four years, David was hired as a member of Vice President Bush’s personal staff. Two years later, in 1983, he was sent back to New York as a senior executive on the U.N. staff.

In 1987 David retired from federal service and for three years supported Jane in her very successful career as a Realtor. In 1990 he was recruited as a senior executive by NASA’s Washington staff where he managed a number of important NASA activities and programs. In 1993 the Clinton administration replaced all of the senior leaders in NASA, and David retired permanently from the Senior Executive Service in the grade of SES-3 (comparable to major general). He is an avid sports fan and a personal computer expert.

Jane was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. She became a registered nurse, and three years later she met David in Dayton. After they married and began raising a family, Jane began her career as a residential real estate agent; for her continuing success, she received recognition as a lifetime top producer. Finally, she retired from real estate and returned to nursing as a volunteer church and community nurse.

The Stottlemyers have a son and his family in Oakton, a daughter in Vienna and eight grandchildren. They had another daughter who died at age 29.

Please give a warm welcome to David and Jane, our new residents who are happy to be here with us!

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