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Introducing Audrey, Russell, Lucy and Blackjack Ray!

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July 16, 2021

Some very attractive long-earred residents have moved into apartment 4102 - Blackjack and Lucy Ray. They greeted me enthusiastically but politely. Lucy, who obviously was not concerned about germs, graciously shook my hand. The two looked content and happy to be in their new home—as did their doting owners, Audrey and Russ Ray. The two beautiful English Springer Spaniels have settled in and are looking forward to some happy times at Algonkian Park.

Audrey and Russ have settled in happily also, despite not yet having sold their home in Great Falls. Although they were sad to leave their home of 24 years, they are happy they made the move, and they look forward to their life here at Falcons Landing.

Audrey and Russ met at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, where both were stationed, he as an officer with the Strategic Air Command and she as a nurse who outranked him, and, as he says, still does. They married there in 1958, and in 1960 Russ left the Air Force to become a director at Lockheed Corporation in California. After serving as executive vice president of Eastern Airlines and president and CEO of Pacific Southwest Airlines, he became vice president and general manager at McDonnell Douglas. From there, he was recruited as chairman, president and CEO to help sustain Pan American World Airways and was deeply disappointed when the airline ceased to operate in 1991. He also served as executive vice president of British Aerospace and chairman, president and CEO of World Airways.

Russ also served as Trustee at Occidental College, his alma mater, and is currently Regent at Pepperdine University and Trustee for the George Mason University Foundation.

Russ and Audrey raised three children and are fortunate to have a daughter, Katie, living nearby in Purcellville - and even more fortunately, that daughter is an interior designer who has helped them with their move. The Rays have eight grandchildren.

Audrey and Russ like to travel, and both are fascinated by World War I history. They have recently returned from a trip to many of the World War I sites. Audrey is looking forward to playing mah jongg (Chinese) here and, as an avid reader, she is interested in the book group. Russ enjoys playing chess and shooting. He hunts pheasant and grouse and likes skeet and trap shooting as well. He is looking forward to some lap swimming in the pool.

We extend a hearty welcome to this vivacious foursome!

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