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Hosting a Holiday Gathering After Downsizing to Senior Living

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December 14, 2023

Holidays are cherished times you spend with family and friends, but hosting a gathering can become challenging in some senior living environments, including Independent Living communities. It can be difficult to give up the idea of hosting family get-togethers during the holidays, but you don’t have to! At Falcons Landing, we can help you keep family traditions alive after downsizing to senior living.

Work With the Falcons Landing Team

Your first step in planning a holiday gathering at Falcons Landing is to reach out to our helpful team. We’re experienced in providing solutions and suggestions based on individual needs. Although our other levels of senior care are open to anyone, our Independent Living residents all come from similar military or government service backgrounds. We’re proud of their service and are now here to serve their needs by providing valuable guidance and assistance. Here are a few ways we can work with you to make your holiday gathering a success:

  • Discuss Your Plans: Start by sharing your desire to host a holiday gathering with our team. We can help you understand the resources available, areas within the community you can utilize and services available to help with setup and meals.
  • Logistics Planning: Falcons Landing is close to major interstate highways for those guests driving in, but we’re also only 15 minutes from Dulles International Airport. Our team can help with transportation from the airport and nearby train stations to the community.
  • Event Space: Our team can work with you to determine an appropriate venue for your gathering and reserve it for the time and date of your event. We can also help you with your setup, seating and any other aspects you need assistance with.

Host a Potluck

Once you have a plan in place and space reserved for your holiday gathering, it’s time to consider your menu. One way to share the responsibility of cooking is to have a potluck dinner. This route also lets your guests showcase their culinary talents by bringing their favorite dishes. To host a successful potluck, consider these tips.

  • Coordinate Dishes: Ensure you have a complete meal by creating a list of the dishes needed. Encourage variety by including various appetizers, sides and desserts, and ask your guests to sign up for what they want to bring. To accommodate signature dishes, you can also leave some spaces under each dish type for guests to write in a specific dish.
  • Encourage Good Potluck Conduct: Suggest that guests bring their own serving dishes and utensils to minimize the need for additional items in your senior living community’s kitchen. Request that guests label their dishes with the ingredients to help those with dietary restrictions or allergies recognize what’s okay for them to eat.
  • Set It up Buffet Style: Arrange all your potluck dishes in a buffet style in your event space to allow guests to serve themselves. This lets them choose what and how much they want to eat and prevents you from having to arrange for someone to serve your guests.

Make Cleanup Easier With Disposables

Cleaning up after a holiday gathering can be a huge undertaking. Whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve arranged for assistance, one way to make cleanup much more manageable is by using disposables. Opt for disposable plates, cups and utensils to reduce time spent washing dishes. Coordinate with our team to promptly collect and dispose of trash throughout your event to prevent it from accumulating. You can also enlist the help of willing family and friends to help with cleaning up after the event to make the task quicker and easier.

Take Advantage of Falcons Landing’s Guest Rooms and Dining Spaces

At Falcons Landing, our guest rooms and dining spaces are invaluable for hosting larger holiday gatherings. Take advantage of all our amenities to make your event a hit.

  • Guest Rooms: Consider reserving our well-appointed guest suites for your out-of-town guests. Allowing them to stay within the community instead of rushing off to find overnight accommodations offers convenience and a longer visit.
  • Dining Spaces: You can also take advantage of our designated dining spaces for special events. These spaces offer larger areas for large gatherings, with the added convenience of having multiple tables and chairs already set up.
  • Special Seating Accommodations: Once you have your guest list, work with our team to ensure you have enough seating, including seating for those with mobility challenges. We can help you arrange your seating to encourage conversation and social interaction among your guests.

Schedule a Tour

Downsizing to senior living doesn’t mean you must give up on hosting holiday gatherings. Let our team collaborate with you to create a memorable holiday celebration that brings joy and togetherness to your new home while you enjoy the company of your loved ones in the comfort of your senior living community. Contact us at 703-404-5100 to schedule a tour of Falcons Landing and learn more about our Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing communities today.

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