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Good News Every Day: Where to Look for Feel-Good Stories

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March 1, 2023

If you have a 24-hour cable news diet, it’s easy to feel bummed out. It seems like everywhere you look is another bad-news story. As newspaper editors everywhere understand, “If it bleeds, it leads”—in other words, the grim news goes on page 1 to entice readers.

But in reality, good news is all around us. If you know where to look, there are countless uplifting, inspirational and hopeful events happening in every community. Take Falcons Landing, for instance. Our team leaves work every day inspired by the wonderful residents around us. Whether it is a belly laugh during the lunch hour, the endorphins rush from an exercise class, or a resident’s heartwarming story of yesteryear, you can’t set foot on our campus without feeling a little cheerier.

We love encouraging an optimistic outlook for several reasons. In addition to boosting your mood and putting a smile on your face, there are actually health benefits to having an optimistic outlook in life. Researchers have found that having a positive outlook can lead to physical improvements such as lower blood pressure, less heart disease and healthier blood sugar levels.

At Falcons Landing we come to work every day to give our residents an active and comfortable environment—full of life and overflowing with good cheer. In case you missed our last blog, be sure to catch it to learn 5 simple steps you can take this year to set positive intentions. To build on the positivity for 2023, we’ve compiled a list of 5 good-news sources to help you look beyond the headlines and find a little optimism.

Six Sources for Good News While every media outlet offers its share of feel-good stories, here are five outlets dedicated to positivity:

1. The Good News Network
Here, you can always find a series of uplifting stories happening in the United States and around the world across a wide variety of areas, including business, health, animals, gardening and more. When you’re on the go or don’t feel like reading, you can always feel free to check out their podcast.

2. The Daily Good
Fill your days with hope through inspiring quotes and news stories on The Daily Good. From articles on nature and generosity to business and tech, there’s something for everyone.

3. Not All News Is Bad
Playing off the idea that front-page news is curated with bad news in mind, one author made it his mission to change the narrative. Leo Notenboom decided to show that not all news is bad by sharing one story every day that can inspire and give hope.

4. Positive News
Get the latest news of the many great things happening all around us with Positive News’ posts which are updated on their website daily. Every quarter, they also publish a magazine with even more feel-good stories.

5. The Happy Newspaper
It’s all in the name. This newspaper shares happy news and stories of wonderful people from all over the world.  You can also keep the positivity going throughout the day by purchasing items from their website such as paintings and mugs with colorful, motivational quotes that are sure to brighten your day.

6. Upworthy
Discover the best of humanity with Upworthy. The name is a reference to “upvoting” stories on social media, in which users give a thumb’s up to stories they like. Upworthy’s stories are catchy and unlike any other. Recent headlines include “Alabama farmer paid pharmacy bills for strangers and kept it a secret until his death,” and “Flight attendant sits on the floor the entire flight to comfort distressed passenger.”

Discover Great Stories at Falcons Landing
Be sure to bookmark these sites and check back often. Many will also allow you to subscribe so you’ll get the news right in your email every day or throughout the week.

Meanwhile, to build a retirement around good times and great stories, we invite you to join us at Falcons Landing. As a military-themed retirement community, we are open to military officers and federal employees, GS-14 and above; along with spouses or surviving spouses. Our residents  come from all over but share a common bond of a life in service—and a life of service often is a life of adventure.

Join likeminded retirees in their next great adventure. To take a tour of our campus, see our fabulous residences and dining facilities, and meet some of our friendly residents and team members, contact us today!

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