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Find Out How—and Why—to Become an AFROC Member at Falcons Landing

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July 17, 2023

Falcons Landing is an exciting community for military veterans and those who have served in the federal government. Our military focus means here you will find the common bond of residents who have lived a life of service—a bond that stems from our founding by retired Air Force members 25 years ago.

In the mid-1980s, a group of retired officers met regularly for breakfast at Andrews Air Force Base, and they believed the Washington, D.C. area should have a first-rate retirement community unlike anything you might find on the east coast. These officers manifested Falcons Landing into being.

“I knew the founding members of the Air Force Retirement Officers Club, or AFROC, and they worked tirelessly for years to make Falcons Landing a reality,” explained Chief Financial Officer Hardy Lister, who has been with Falcons Landing since its beginning. “From finding property to working through developer problems to all the logistics of constructing a retirement community, what those AFROC members did was truly amazing.”

Today, AFROC lives on and carries out the spirit of those intrepid founders.

“AFROC is the first step to becoming a Falcons resident,” Hardy said. “When you put down a fully refundable $1,000 deposit, you are assigned a priority number that you can use to either join our wait list, if you are waiting for a special residence, or move in. Until you are ready to move in, you can enjoy updates from our community as well as a special annual meeting where you can get to know us and keep up with your future retirement community.”  

Being an AFROC member can often get you to the front of the line for the residence of your choice when you 

are ready to move!  It is also how we place you on the wait list, which is a good next step if you are not ready to move just yet. As Hardy noted, some residences such as the Terrace Homes apartments—the newest addition to Falcons Landing, which are now selling quickly—don’t have a waiting list, but the community’s largest Lexington apartments, for instance, often have a wait. Another little-known fact about your initial membership, you or your spouse would have priority to our Health Center, if you needed a short-term rehabilitation stay in The Johnson Center, which has been recognized in the U.S. News & World Report as a Best Nursing Home and is a Five-Star rated Medicare Certified skilled nursing unit, or a respite stay in one of our assisted living communities.  

“I’ve been an AFROC member for 26 years, since the year before we opened, and it really is a special place,” Hardy said. “With everything from the social life with warm and inviting residents who experienced a life of service to our country, to the amenities, to the always evolving dining offerings, to the outstanding location near our nation’s capital—this is just a great place to be.”

Hardy paused and then added thoughtfully, “Plus, as the financial officer, I’m also excited to know how well managed the organization is. I’ve had a firsthand look and know it’s a financially sound community. Residents who come here are very happy with their decision, and I know when it’s my time to retire, I will have great peace of mind for the future.”

To learn more about Falcons Landing, contact us today. We would love to meet you for a consultation and share our community with you.

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