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February 2017 Loudoun Hunger Relief Food Drive

Posted on 
January 29, 2020

Written by Marilyn Harrington

Many thanks to the tremendous support from the Residents Services staff that included a trip in our new Falcons Landing white van. In mid-February, Dave Curran and I delivered 140 pounds of non-perishable food products and $2,140 in checks and cash to the Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) facilities in Leesburg. For the first food drive of this year, it was not a bad response, folks! As always, the LHR reception Dave and I received was both enthusiastic and awesome!

For our newer residents who may not be familiar with this county service, LHR provides a large variety of services to Loudoun County residents. Located in Leesburg just off Route 7 near the Loudoun Executive Airport, it offers at least sixteen special programs for county residents in need of help. Just a few of these are emergency food assistance for families, extended care programs, food for homeless adults, job search assistance, the Loudoun Pet Pantry, food assistance for seniors and homebound, etc. Several of their pro- grams are partnered with other local organizations to provide maximum assistance.

More detailed information is available on the LHR website, or you can take a tour. I would be happy to arrange one for those who are interested, and LHR would be thrilled to have us.

Our second food drive is scheduled for May 16, 17, and 18. For financial donations, 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to LHR’s program services. Although non-perishable foods are fine for donations, financial aid provides the very best help. Monies can then be distributed to each service as needed for continued support.

Huge kudos to all of our generous residents who so graciously helped kick off our first food drive for 2017. Thank you so very much!

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