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Embrace Lifelong Learning as an Older Adult

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March 9, 2024

Along with other advantages, it’s important to note that there are also many cognitive benefits to lifelong learning. From the team at Falcons Landing, here are 5 ways you can consider to ensure continuous learning and to stay mentally sharp:

 1)  Join a library: We all know that libraries offer books on a number of topics. Additionally, you can now find many that offer educational programs both in person and online. For instance, The Library ofVirginia offers At-Home Learning which includes a number of resources that facilitate lifelong learning. These include access to public library resources, digital exhibitions, online talks and much more.

 2)  Improve an existing skill: Unless you’re an absolute expert, there’s always something else to learn about your existing skills, hobbies and interests. Stave off cognitive decline by challenging yourself to learn or do more. Consider signing up for online courses on websites such as Coursera or Udemy.

 3)  Join the Osher Lifelong LearningInstitute:If you like the joy of lifelong learning without the pressure of assignments and grades then this is the Institute for you. They offer non-credit courses to those 50 years and older as well as lectures, study groups and special events such as guided museum and garden tours. Sign up on their website.

 4)  Sign up for a college class: If you’re interested in going back to school consider applying to one of the area colleges or universities.For instance, the Northern Virginia Community College offers various programs of study in 9 broad categories. GeorgeMason University allows Virginia residents 60 and over to audit up to three classes per semester at no charge. Click here for enrollment information.

 5)  Enjoy lifelong learning on campus: Join a Falcons Club right hereon campus and learn something new. There's knitting, computer club, investment club, book club and more. Of special interest is our Great Decisions Group that meets monthly for a discussion of American global affairs. We also have theFalcons Continuing Education program featuring programming from The GreatCourses.

 Don’t see a club you’re interested in? Let us know if there’s one you’d like to start. We also have resident committees which are diverse and offer a great way to meet other residents with similar interests while also making continuous learning a group activity.

 We provide our residents at Falcons Landing with many opportunities to stay engaged so there’s always something new to experience. Give us a call at703.404.5205 to join our vibrant community and experience retirement at its best.


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