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5 Reasons a Military Retirement Might Be For You

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October 12, 2021

Falcons Landing started as a dream - a dream to create a place where those who served their nation could relax and savor life to the fullest. Everyone at Falcons Landing loves our country and has such great respect for those who have served. For more than 25 years, we have provided a vibrant community with a focus on active lifestyle and a sense of purpose for older adults who have served in the military as well as federal employees.

From getting to know our residents, we know that in addition to being one of the great honors, a military retirement offers some unique advantages that young people looking for a career or service members debating their next steps may want to think about. Here are five great reasons to join a retirement community with a military focus:

  1. Enjoy the special bond of those who served.

    We know firsthand at Falcons Landing that there is a very special bond among those who have served in the Armed Forces. Whether you retire as an officer after 30 years or enlist for four years when you are young, serving in the military puts you in a special category. It doesn’t matter the branch or for how long you served, when one veteran meets another, there is a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect for being “in the club.”
  2. Leave rank at the front gate.

    Because of the common bond, everyone at Falcons Landing has an instant connection regardless of rank or branch of service. “Well first and foremost, it’s the congeniality of folks that leave rank at the front gate. Everyone here is on a first-name basis,” said resident Peter Scott about life at Falcons Landing. “I knew I would be joining folks of similar background and interests, and that made it easier to make new friends quickly.”
  3. Discover a lifetime of activities.

    Retirement gives you the freedom to enjoy all that life has to offer. No one demands you report for duty at 06:00, no one is inspecting the shine on your shoes, and there is no need to mow the lawn or clean the gutters. Here, you are free to spend your time on what you want. From exquisite dining to daily wellness activities to clubs and opportunities galore, there’s something for every interest every day at Falcons Landing.
  4. Connect with those who believe in service.

    “Because we’re all military and public servants, it’s a different group. We have a lot in common. Everyone here is a patriot and has given service to their country,” explained resident Bobbie Jones. This sense of service often extends through retirement, with residents participating in philanthropic programs, raising funds to support local fire departments or hunger programs, and even volunteering at the Smithsonian.
  5. Retire at Falcons Landing.

    We welcome all veterans as well as retired federal employees, GS-14 and above. Our Life Plan Community (Continuing Care Retirement Community - CCRC) has so many benefits and activities to give you the retirement of your dreams, but what makes Falcons Landing such a special place is the common bond among our residents. When you move here, you will find an immediate connection to your fellow residents. We can’t wait for you to get started on your retirement, so to learn more or join our community, contact us today.
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