Area of Isolation Test

The legibility and distinction of the Falcons Landing logo is important. To ensure that the logo is highly visible, always separate it from its surroundings. To calculate the area of isolation, or clear space, surrounding the logo you should first measure the height from the top of the "F" to the bottom of the "C" in the tag-line (Z-height for vertical logo) and the height from the top of the "F" to the base of the falcon's foot (Z-height for horizontal logo). The area of isolation should be equal to Z-height. Do not allow any other graphic element to penetrate this area of isolation.

Minimum Size

There is a minimum size for reproducing the Falcons Landing logo. This ensures that our logo remains legible in every usage. Never reproduce the logo smaller than the recommended minimum sizes. The tag-line will become completely illegible at smaller sizes. These minimum sizes apply to the Falcons Landing logo, both for print and online usage.


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