Robert Besserer

Dining Services Director

Robert Besserer  - Falcons Landing Board of Directors Member

Despite what CFO Hardy Lister says, Bob Besserer claims he has been at Falcons Landing longer than any employee. In the fall of 1995, during the community's construction, its Founders met for dinner one night at River Bend Country Club in Great Falls, VA. They were so impressed with their meal they asked to speak to the Chef. They soon made Chef Bob an offer he couldn't refuse: to be the first Executive Chef in a brand new, busy kitchen. The Founders envisioned a 4-star dining program and Bob did not disappoint. His passion for quality ingredients and innovative menus keep dining at the top of the resident's list of favorite things about Falcons Landing. Bob became Dining Services Director after just two years. Falcons Landing has six dining rooms and our kitchen averages 550 meals a day for residents and, during the week, lunch for an additional 100 staff members. Bob is a native Canadian who moved to the U.S. in 1979 and brought his love of hockey with him. An avid Capitals fan (or as his wife says, a "hockey freak"), Bob also loves camping, golf and cooking at home for his friends and family.

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