Hardy Lister

Chief Financial Officer

Hardy Lister - Falcons Landing Board of Directors Member

Hardy is the answer to the trivia question of who was Falcons Landing's first AND third CFO. He has been at Falcons since September 1995 with the exception of the year 2000 when he moved to Palm Beach County Florida and voted for both George Bush and Al Gore in the presidential election. As CFO, Hardy is responsible for all financial management, planning and reporting. His accurate and thorough budgets and excellent long range financial planning ensure that the community is financially sound today and for the next 100 years. Prior to coming to Falcons Landing, Hardy was a career Air Force Officer. His assignments were primarily in accounting or budgeting except for 1981 to 1985 when, as a Minuteman Crew Commander, he defended democracy from a hole in the ground in Montana. Hardy received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Strayer College, his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Montana, and his Masters in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas. If he ever actually took any time off, he would enjoy music and scrabble.

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