Barbara Brannon


Barbara Brannon - Falcons Landing Board of Directors Member

Barb joined Falcons Landing as President/CEO in 2006, shortly after retiring from the Air Force where she was Assistant Surgeon General for Medical Force Development and for Nursing. Barb is quick to say that Falcons Landing is her dream second career; she continues to serve her "military family" and focused on promoting their health, wellness and best possible quality of life. While Barb has led many other organizations, what makes Falcons Landing stand out is the friendliness and caring of staff and residents; she has felt like "part of a family" from her first day. Barb hails from the San Francisco area and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from San Francisco State, where she also met her husband Stan.  She also has a Master's Degree in Cardiovascular Nursing from the University of California, San Francisco.  Between her Air Force career and Stan's career as an airline pilot, they have traveled the world and continue to enjoy adventures in faraway places. They have a son, Air Force navigator Alex, and are also proud owners of "the cutest dogs in the world", Pomeranians Bella, Teddy, Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. Four dogs?! Long story…If you want to see Barb’s brightest smile, just ask about her grandchildren, triplets Hunter, Lucas and Isabella.

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