Retire in high style.

"When we retire, we want...." How many times have we used those words when contemplating our ideal home for our next chapter? These words inspired the spacious design of the residences at Falcons Landing. 

We know that your home has likely been your most important financial investment. An investment in Falcons Landing covers not only a gracious new home, but also your health care if you should need short term rehabilitation, assisted living or long term care.

Apartment or's your choice!

Do you prefer a home with a garden, or the convenience of apartment living? You will find just what you are looking for at Falcons Landing!


Our tree-lined streets are gateways to our gracious cottage homes, each features lovely landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

What makes Falcons Landing unique?

Residents at Falcons Landing have the common bond of serving in the military or government and share similar values & interests.  Residents greet each other by name, not rank, creating a relaxed and friendly campus. 

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