COVID-19 Update

March 30, 2020

As you may already be aware, two of our residents at Johnson Center Assisted Living tested positive for COVID-19. Both were tested after being admitted to the hospital with respiratory symptoms. One of the residents has died and the other continues under hospital care.

We want our friends and families to know that we have been working closely with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to identify persons who were in contact with these residents. Falcons Landing is following VDH direction on home self-quarantine for staff exposed, and on the use of protective clothing and equipment for all staff in Falcons Landing healthcare units.

Falcons Landing is following all CDC and VDH guidelines and has instituted additional measures to further decrease risk of exposure to COVID-19 for residents and staff. On March 6th, we instituted 100% screening of all visitors for COVID-19 symptoms and risks at our main entrance gate and since March 12th, all employees have also been similarly screened at the employee gate. Since March 12th, Falcons Landing has permitted only essential healthcare staff to enter assisted living and nursing units and on March 16th all visitors have been barred from entering Falcons Landing. Residents of Falcons Landing Independent Living have been primarily remaining in their homes with all services and meals being delivered to their doors. Effective today, March 30th we have instituted a “Shelter in Your Home” for all residents in independent living. Families, or delivery services can still deliver groceries, medications or other needed supplies to our front gate and our Community Life team will deliver.

Our Community Life team began calling all independent living homes last week to ask about their health and if they needed any assistance or supplies. Any resident who leaves the campus will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days when they return. Imposing restrictions is a difficult decision to make, but we know that the measures we have taken will make a difference in this public health emergency, and the sacrifice in the short term is critical to the outcome of the COVID-19 incidence in northern Virginia.

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