COVID-19 Update

June 2, 2020

June is here and we can hope for warmer weather with a little more sunshine in the coming weeks. Last Friday, Falcons Landing entered Phase 1 for COVID-19 precautions, along with the rest of Northern Virginia.  This week, we will begin discussing potential changes for Phase 2 and develop the guidance for that Phase. Governor Northam has not announced the transition of Phase 2 at this time but has indicated it could come as early as the end of this week if the status of new case, testing levels and other indicators are favorable.  Falcons Landing may modify Phase 2 somewhat if need to protect our residents, who are all in a higher risk category.

It has been 10 weeks since Falcons Landing’s first case of COVID-19.  This has been a difficult time for all of us as we have adapted to new ways of life and new ways of delivering the support and services our resident need.  We have been very successful and with teamwork and creativity, have overcome many challenges.

Last week, we tested the 356 Independent Living residents on campus and all tested negative. 

Our Johnson Center first floor Assisted Living Unit, where the outbreak began last March, has been virus-free for more than three weeks, so the outbreak is considered over on that floor. 

The Nursing unit still has two residents on isolation on our COVID-19 wing; they are asymptomatic and we will test them again this week. 

West Falls Assisted Living has no residents on isolation for COVID-19, and has had no new cases for more than a week.  The outbreak will be considered over after least 14 days with no new cases. 

Weekly testing of every staff member and resident will continue on our Nursing unit and we will continue testing every other week on the assisted living units to ensure we do not have asymptomatic cases in our Health Center.

We have no staff members in health care on quarantine and only one in Maintenance, one in Security, and two in Dining Services.

So as June begins, we have only two residents on isolation for COVID-19 and four staff members.  We will continue to be vigilant in social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing face coverings in public.  We hope to progress through Phase 1 with continued success in our prevention and containment of COVID-19 at Falcons Landing.  

If family members of residents of Independent Living have questions, please contact Donna Cassani, Director of Community Life, at [email protected]   Family members of residents living in The Johnson Center or West Falls Center may contact John Loop, Director of Health Services, at [email protected] .   For press-related questions, please contact Leah Daily, Sales & Marketing Director at [email protected]

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Our COVID-19 Heroes

May 27, 2020

Meet Christita Saplad, Estelita Atienza, Darwin Reyes, Luz Barilla & Sirjana Suraiya from our West Falls Assisted Living. Thank you for being our heroes, not just now but everyday! You truly make a difference and we are proud to have you as part of our Falcons Family!

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