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Falcons Landing COVID-19 Updates

Posted on 
March 14, 2022

As of today, March 14, 2022 Falcons Landing has lifted all restrictions in independent living. We look forward to seeing all of the smiling faces from our residents and staff! We are also looking forward to the wonderful events that can take place! If you have questions, you may call 703-404-5100 and our receptionist can assist you or direct you to the appropriate Falcons Landing Team Member.

If you have questions regarding The Johnson Center or West Falls Center restrictions, you may contact Health Services by calling 703-404-5208 and you will be directed to the appropriate Falcons Landing Team Member.

Together. We Are Stronger.






Please visit these websites for additional resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The Loudoun County Health & Human Services
The Virginia Department of Health (VDH)
The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

Our COVID-19 Heroes

We love our staff! Thank you for all that you do to support our community and one another. You are our heroes!

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