About Us

We are a premier retirement community located in beautiful Potomac Falls, Virginia.  Our area is home to horse farms, rolling hills and a quality of life that ranks Loudoun County at the top of great places to live in America.

The Falcons Family

While our community has beautiful architecture and abundant amenities, our richest resources are those who call it home.  When you move to Falcons Landing, you will become part of a lively community... part of our Falcons Family.  Here you will reconnect with old acquaintances and forge new friendships for the best years of your life. As one of our residents recently said, "Falcons Landing forever eliminated the possibility of loneliness."

Our Mission

To operate a first-class, not-for-profit, continuing care retirement community for the benefit of retired military officers, their spouses and widowed spouses, as well as honorably discharged military officers from all services and their spouses. We shall provide facilities and services that support and enhance the health, security, well-being and happiness of residents.  We also provide charitable services to our neighbors while fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to our members.